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B. Thomas Florence, PhD

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B. Thomas Florence, PhD, a Founding Partner at ARPC, has participated in or provided expert testimony in some of the largest and most significant mass tort and product liability cases in US history.

Dr. Florence has consulted on cases dealing with asbestos, breast implants, IUDs, joint replacements, tobacco, Albuterol asthma medication, Fen-Phen, Love Canal, Three Mile Island, Times Beach dioxin, oil platform disasters, and Mississippi DDT contamination, among others in many different industries.

Dr. Florence is a leading authority on class action and mass tort management, toxic tort evaluation, environmental risk assessment, statistical modeling and forecasting, and complex data analysis. He has worked across several industries including manufacturing, pharmaceutical, health care, energy/electric utilities, consumer credit, automotive, telecommunications, consumer products, and government.

Dr. Florence has also lectured and published extensively in the areas of mass tort and product liability.


BA in Business and a MA and PhD in Statistics and Research Design, Michigan State University