Photo of John M. Brophy
Washington, DC
T: 202.797.1111

John M. Brophy

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John M. Brophy, a Partner at ARPC, is an expert in the management and analysis of large mass torts and product liability cases. He also specializes in the development of business intelligence analytics in support of large disputes and settlements. He has advised on some of the largest cases in US history and has worked in several industries, including environmental, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, automotive, finance, and manufacturing.

Mr. Brophy has extensive experience with the creation of trust organizations that have grown from settlements in very large scale mass torts. He has led the analysis and modeling of estimation of liability and claims for class action suits, and setup of databases and systems for the analysis of the establishment of trusts. He currently leads the development of a business analytics system in support of a large settlement in the telecom industry.

Mr. Brophy has led the establishment of trusts for very large tort settlements in the asbestos industry, as well as conducting the cash flow valuation of the needs and demands on these trusts. He has also designed systems for the claims process in these settlements and structured database systems for analysis, reporting, and monitoring of the trusts.


MBA, Georgetown University

BS in Commerce, University of Virginia