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Photo of Mass Torts and Product LiabilityMass Torts and Product Liability

Whether corporations are actively involved in litigation or face the future possibility, they struggle with financial uncertainty caused by issues surrounding current, historical and future products and environmental concerns.  This uncertainty can have damaging effects on the company's stock price and financial future and may lead to corporate bankruptcy. 

ARPC experts have guided our clients through many of the most significant mass tort and product liability issues in U.S. history. Our professionals are regarded as the foremost authorities in the field. Our senior staff comprises leading experts in economics, statistics, finance and epidemiological modeling. In recent years we have served as experts on some of the most significant cases by size and impact, including environmental disasters such as the Gulf Coast oil spill, breast implants, IUDs, chemical spills and mobile Internet pricing cases.

We have also advised on the creation of settlement trusts to respond to claims resulting from legal settlements. We currently provide ongoing management and support to a number of the largest settlement trusts in existence. We are recognized for our specialized expertise in a wide range of industries including: Asbestos, Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Energy, Chemicals, Finance, Consumer Products, Automotive, and Manufacturing.

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