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Photo of Antitrust and CompetitionAntitrust and Competition

Our expert economists bring extensive theoretical and applied knowledge to bear in the analysis of the vast array of economic issues that arise in antitrust cases. This includes market definition, market dynamics, entry conditions, pricing, single firm conduct, agreements, and profitability. ARPC professionals provide economic analyses relevant to matters of liability, including allegations of attempted monopolization, predatory pricing, price fixing, vertical restraints, collusion, price discrimination, anticompetitive mergers and acquisitions and more generally, the exercise of market power. Our experts have developed econometric and analytical models to evaluate, among other things, relevant markets, competitive equilibrium prices, market entry/exit, barriers to entry, economically relevant events, market risks, and complementary and substitute products. ARPC professionals also have extensive experience estimating damages in antitrust matters, as well as assessing the appropriateness of class certification.

Areas of Expertise