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ARPC Serves as Expert Advisors in Broad Range of Mass Tort Cases During Past 3 Years

December 12, 2012

Washington, D.C. – ARPC, an expert services and business advisory consulting firm providing world-class analytical expertise and guidance to clients facing complex legal and business challenges, has announced that by year-end, the Company will have provided expertise across a broad spectrum of subject areas and industry sectors in resolving some of the highest profile mass tort engagements in the U.S. during the past three years.  These complex legal matters have involved some of the most recognizable class action cases in product liability, financial loss and environmental damage in the nation’s history.

Combined, these large-scale litigation settlements will have involved more than 66 million claimants by the end of 2012. From econometric modeling to addressing complex issues related to analyzing damages, injuries and financial losses, as well as developing frameworks for establishing valuation and payment of settlement claims, ARPC experts have been sought out for their unique combination of deep academic credentials and years of extraordinary experience in economics and finance.  

“ARPC has been directly involved in facilitating the resolution of some of the best known class action settlements in U.S. history,” explained John Brophy, ARPC Partner.  “From our very first case more than 30 years ago – the Love Canal toxic waste case – to our recent role as economic advisors to the Gulf Coast Claims Facility to help settle claims in the BP oil spill case, our team has extensive experience in applying complex economic analysis to the relevant legal frameworks to devise sound solutions,” he added.

“The ARPC body of work has involved issues and problems that have had profound impacts on businesses, on the environment and on individuals,” said Tom Florence, Ph.D., and Founding Partner of ARPC.  “Over the past 30 years, we have consulted on more than 25 high profile cases involving environmental damages such as the North Sea Oil Platform explosion, product liability matters such as those involving breast implants, IUDs, and joint replacements, as well as bankruptcy cases such as United States Gypsum, Armstrong World Industries, and Owens Corning Fiberboard, to name a few,” he explained.

Nearly all ARPC consultants possess advanced academic degrees coupled with expertise across such industries as Asbestos, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Energy, Finance, Consumer Products, Automotive, and Manufacturing.