Working at ARPC

“Working for ARPC is not just a job.  It has been a rewarding experience of continuous learning and growth for me.” – Lan Yue, Manager

ARPC offers an ideal climate for talented, innovative, motivated, and proactive individuals to thrive.  We encourage and support personal and professional growth and have a culture of collaboration, continuous education, and open communication.  Across our firm, we look for professionals who bring strong quantitative and analytical skills in varied disciplines, an attention to detail, and a focus on accuracy.  With a broad range of practice areas, we can offer our consultants the opportunity to develop and demonstrate expertise in one key area of interest, or to work across a variety of disciplines, continuously finding new and exciting ways to apply their training and talents.

ARPC is a meritocracy offering a culture of professional growth based on personal achievement.  Many members of our senior staff began their careers with our firm in junior and mid-level positions, and have been promoted by consistently developing and demonstrating their technical acumen and problem-solving abilities.  There are no barriers to achievement and success at ARPC for talented staff.

We reward excellence and dedication with competitive salaries, performance bonuses, and generous benefits, including tuition reimbursement, paid parental leave and profit sharing.  We believe it is important to give back to our staff.  We would not be successful without them.

If you have a passion for harnessing your quantitative skills and creativity to solve real-world problems, send your resume to  We look forward to discussing your future at ARPC.