Our Firm

For over 40 years ARPC experts have assisted law firms, corporations and governments facing some of the most complex legal and business challenges.

ARPC is an expert services and business advisory firm dedicated to providing world-class analytical expertise and guidance to clients facing complex legal and business challenges. For over 40 years, ARPC’s consultants have assisted law firms, corporations, governments and non-profit organizations in addressing their economic and financial concerns in the courtroom, board room and marketplace.

"At ARPC we are passionate about doing rigorous insight-driven analysis that produces actionable information for our clients' success."

Tom Florence, Partner

Our longevity as a premier consulting service provider is matched by the breadth of our expertise in the areas of mass torts, complex economic litigation and financial risk management. ARPC has developed proprietary methods and systems which have facilitated the resolution of some of the best known product liability cases in US history.

We leverage our exceptional economic and financial expertise and knowledge in a variety of industries, ranging from consumer goods to financial services. ARPC is led by internationally credentialed experts whose primary focus is client satisfaction and the protection and enhancement of their valuable assets. Our experienced consulting staff offers innovative approaches which are designed to deliver concrete solutions to client problems.